27 December 2013

new year

People like to give Atkins People 
Salami and Cheese and Nuts... oh myyyy

Yes, I am a Pediatric Nurse -
Why do you ask?

Finally getting better 

A little more energy for things 
Other than sleeping -
Last week I slept 70 hours in a row.
Got up just to eat.. and um... well, you know...

Went to a little spa 

They had little New Age Music
And Teeth Whitening etc.
Facials, Massage, all that jazz

Got my eye brows did...
Finally coming out from the Funk

And a nice salad!

Now I am getting happy about this next year.
I am starting over in A Course In Miracles workbook lessons.
That usually lasts a week or two!
lol... it is a year long study... my bad!

At least I am still in love and enthusiastic about LC!
So there ya go


  1. This is going to be such a good year! Let's start with new patio furniture so we can share some of those good LC munchies you received while we sit outside enjoying the beautiful Texas sunshine. Happy New Year, my best friend!

  2. Nice on the spa...you deserve some pampering!

  3. How did you manage to sleep 70 hours in a row? that's rather amazing!
    Really excited foe 2014 too! =)

    Happy new year!

  4. Do you private duty ? Night shifts ? Hard to understand from your posts. You can eat right but w/out getting sleep and rest right life sucks..been there done that

  5. I'd love to have time for a 70 hour sleep

  6. 70 hour sleep :O that's really really impressive :)


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