22 December 2013

decisions, decisions

No time for cooking since I got a new hobby, called "sleeping."
It goes great with my new job of up to 70 hours of hard-core working.
Closed down a SmashBurger the other day...

I was not impressed. Gave then a second chance  -
It was worse than the first time! Probably not enough butter.
Best wake up early enough to cook.

As for the sleeping, I am not complaining.
Many of my Nurse friends and Blogging Buddies 
Can't sleep to save they liddle life.

A Nurse friend said *we* were over the hill.
After I took the shovel out from her teeth, I asked her what she meant.
She meant that we were in a middle-aged crisis.
So I guess it's too late in life for me start giving a shit.
About anything - or is it?

I am pretty laid - back, actually.... even in the Army --
But it would be nice to do something
 Other than just go to work and go home and die.

Years ago, if someone told me the constant tiredness
And Borderline Sub-Clinical Depression and Anxiety
I sometimes (always) had - that it was all diet related --
I would have unfriended you in real life, 
And gone off to have a Snickers Bar melted in a Crapachino.

It's so nice to just "be" and read and listen to music and stuff...

And have a big plate of Paleo Something or Primal Salad
Or something else... gosh - food is good!
AND have the energy to get things done -
And maybe plan for a future that is not dismal!


  1. I am in the "no sleep" club. Thank you, perimenopause. LOL! SmashBurger? No more In-N-Out? Work, go home, and die. I feel you there.

  2. SmashBurger is on the way to the new job...
    In-N-Out is way far away. Sadly.
    But in both cases, I had to walk right past my own kitchen to get there!

    I had "the change" when I was just a pup - 45ish...
    About the time I started to gain, gain, gain!

  3. About the dying.... I am not looking to do something *great*...
    But maybe just to do *something*!
    Like maybe plant some thing or go somewhere...
    Meh - It is as if I just woke up from a deep dark sleep, and I want to *go*!

  4. Never tried a smashburger, but Five guys is darn tasty if you have one near you. Their meat is always crusty with beef fat

  5. I worked night shift for years and years and you sort of get tunnel vision on what 'real life' is all about. The Charlie Brown Christmas episode is a good lesson on getting back on track ..no kidding...I bought this over the counter sleep med called 'mid nite' or something like that ..a combo of melatonin and lemon balm and chamomile and lavender. It works..I don't stay asleep all night ( I have a nightly date with Mr T and my bladder), but it gives me the feellng that I can just softly go back to sleep and I do. My husband described it as a soft feeling too. much easier on me than Benedryl. . I like the idea of planning for a less dismal future..2013 has been rough.


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