16 December 2013

vitruvian park

Celestial Park in Addison

They have (had?) an echo chamber,

But Sherri and I could not find it..... alas!

So we went to her place and cooked up another storm

A Big Ole Chuck Roast

I call this a "Scramble"...
Ground Beef (this is Chuck)
Beans, Tomatoes...whatever you like -

The Second Cousin (Twice Eaten)
From Crack Slaw....mmmm

Vitruvian Lights

Santa Claws

I was sick this week with sudden and spontaneous emesis -
I think is a combo of working nights and stress...
BUT my smalls are falling off of me -
Mediums swallow me up -
So I'll take it - for now!


  1. Boo to emesis. Hope you are 100% now! The Vitruvian lights are gorgeous! Just like you, Miss A!

  2. lol - thanks - and Happy Holidays to you and yours!
    About the Echo Chamber -
    We were standing right on top of it all the time we were looking for it!

    1. I looked it up too - you really have to know ahead of time about it or there is no way you'll know it's there! (And I get the sundial, now, too). Let's go back and try it!

  3. Merry merry to you! Glad to see you back.

    1. THANKS! I had a pretty bad year - and now I am on the upswing!
      It is wonderful to be back to blogging....
      GOOD news is, my being gone did not affect my weight loss!


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