05 December 2013

still still still

Happy time of year
STILL loving this Christmas -
Really into it this year - for some reason

Might even hang up some lights.... who knew I could be so happy!

Better not mess with the water -
Is all I am saying 

 Dallas Texas -
Fall is officially over
 One day to the next is like Fire and Ice

 Bought this plunger on Amazon
To wash clothes with...
STILL beats a trip down to the laundry mat

I am taking votes as to if I am "Lazy"
Or "Efficient"...lol
(Vote below in the comment section, if you please)

STILL cooking good stuff every day.....
Went about 3 days without eating....
MUST have been the chicken.
Damn thing is still in a pan and I just can't bring myself to eat him

But other than that......
Still working about 70 hours a week!
And so far loving it.
The Mother of the case I work thinks I am "slow"
As in Developmentally Delayed....lol
All-righty then!


  1. Definitely efficient. Laundromats are a pain but sometimes necessary.

    Funny women especially the mother :)


  2. I vote for efficient too. Laundromats are kind of scary. You can never be sure what has been in that washer or dryer before you put your clothes into it. My mother-in-law worked in a laundromat for a while. The stories she told of things she cleaned out of those machines were horrific. Merry Christmas. :)

  3. Efficient! I think laundromats are disgusting and hate them.

    Now you should make your own soap too!

  4. I'm getting into Christmas too. I got a new wreath for the door. It is pink and purple and aqua. The colors of my tree decorations and wrapping papers. I will take a picture of the wreath as soon as I get the crayon marks the grandkids made off the front door.

  5. 3 Days without eating? Jeehz! That's pretty impressive! Not to mention 70 hours a week?! What on earth do you do?! Very intrigued now haha.

    1. Ugh - it was the chicken ... I hated it to bits and back again!
      And might not ever enjoy chicken again - for a while.
      Gimme some beef!!!

    2. But I woke up the next day wearing a small -
      With room to spare..... down from a medium....
      So I'll take it... I'll take it!

  6. Slow...hardly...you are quick and clever!!! Not to mention efficient. You think of the best ways to do things.

  7. Definitely efficient!!! High five.
    Glad you are int he Christmas spirit, Anne.
    Did you guys get hit with the ice storm?!?! Yikes. It looked nasty on the TV. Hope all's well.


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