10 December 2013

snowy weather

When it snows in Texas, 
It sometimes ices

Took 30 minutes to get in the door,
And 2 hours to get home

Only to find I had no power.
I stayed there to sleep, but it was way too cold in the apartment!

Went to Sherri's and cooked all weekend!

Quiche - best yet

Got to play with a kitteh

And some of this Candy Land


The stores were empty

The meat that was left over - was warm

More Quiche

Three Bacon MeatLoafs
One for now, one each for work 

Chicken Torrilla Soup 
With out the Torts and Carbs 

Bacon Cheese Burgers

Roasted Sweet Potato
For those who are not in Induction 

Snacks for those who are

LC Egg Nog -
Liquid Eggs, Heavy Cream and Cinnamon 

I even got a hair cut!
I really needed it.

What a great time - 
Thanks for everything!


  1. You have the best hair! Whether it is longer or shorter, it always looks wonderful. What a bounty...you sure did cook up a storm!

  2. We did cook up an awesome winter storm!

  3. Nice trade off this weekend - my electricity for your delicious cooking, game playing skills, and awesome company! I definitely got the better end of the deal. Haven't had a better weekend in a long time. So the thanks go to you. (And I'm not too jealous that my cat likes you better).

    1. And that picture of the chicken tortilla soup could be in a magazine.

    2. My God the food looks good haha. Bacon cheese burgers! Yeah, that's what I'm having for lunch today!

  4. Nice hair! ;) Had a lot of fun last weekend. Thanks for....well, all of it! I really need to try that egg nog recipe. Mm!

    1. The hair is all you! Thanks again! Great fun.
      Egg Nog, eh? I'll see what I can whip up for us!


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