31 August 2012

where I been at

At first, I was all like...

Then, I was all like...

And even a little like...

Then a phase of this...

Disgruntled former co-workers can be hellacious!
My schedule is far too busy for that kind of crap.

So I took it upon myself to be more like...

And now I am all like...

And who know.... maybe even a little of THIS 
is in my future!


  1. I start smiling just clicking on the link because I KNOW it is going to be great. lol. I'm all like.. :D

  2. You aspire to be a landscaper? You rock, so whatever you aspire to, you will be better than everyone else at it.

    1. Oh no, kind sir!
      But perhaps one who hires the landscaping to be done!
      Fingers and toes crossed, ya know!

    2. I know you'll find the perfect new home.

  3. Just this morning I was thinking about you, and wondering if you were okay... about to send the search doggies out!
    So glad to read you are workin it all out! Hope you can find time for some relaxing and recharging.

  4. Do I see home sweet home?

    I hope you haven't forgotten that a punishing work schedule is stressful.. Grrrrr! and what that does to your general health.

    Keep singing and laughing.


  5. I love the transformation! Kimberley


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