07 August 2012

anytime now, eh?

 Getting some Vitamin D the old fashioned way
Arm out the window... not to self:
Fix the AC ... it's only 120 degrees outside!

The Home Health Olympics....
Cups and Feedings...
I placed gold!

 Got a Victory Lap....
The added pound or so did not take 
toooo much of a toll on me...
I lost it in no time....

This is right before the Low Carb Cruise.....
I gain at the drop of a Kilt...... eh?
Lucky for me I lose fast enough, too...

 Can't stand the Commercialized Dressing....
too salty and tastes like play-dough.... yuk!

Pufa Bird (chicken) and roasted peppers...
I still very much prefer beef!

But for now it's Maalox and Zantac!
The ulcer is gone - for now....
OMG - I don't ever want it back!
I took a bottle of this over the past few days.... lol 


  1. Vitamin D is so important. Here in Seattle, we need it badly.
    Mom Fitness Journal

  2. I can't imagine living in a hot place.

    Take care and eat beef.


  3. So glad to read that your ulcer is gone. I hope it stays gone!
    And that salad looks scrumptious. :-)

  4. Got sick on chicken last night....ugh....never again , never again.....glad your better and the lb is gone!

  5. The Home Health Olympics had me laughing out loud...you are so darned clever!


  6. Youch on the ulcer.. I hope you never have it flare up again Chick.

    1. I had a also ulcer and it was worse. Stay strong!

  7. bYE BYE uLCER... That should be the name of an alternative-country band.

    Commercial salad dressing is just recycled motor oil and mule whiz; at least they taste like what imagine the combination of those two items to be. I never touch dressing. Olive Oil, Sesame Oil, Walnut Oil... thats all I use on my greens.



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