27 August 2012

for sale

5 pounds
Gently used
Must go asap

Pick up or delivery
Name your price

All sales confidential!
Contact this person for moar details!
Any serious offer considered


  1. No offer here, since I have enough extra pounds for a garage sale. I'll sell mine cheap, but buyer beware!

  2. Sorry not interested but you can take some of mine :)

  3. Sooo glad to see you back!! I've missed you, and was beginning to worry if I was somehow guilty of something. I knew you were innocent, but the last thing you had mentioned was multi-jobs and being tired. Maybe the 5 pounds packed on to power you up. Now that you are returning to your power-blogging it may drift back into the earth.

  4. I nearly sent you a "Hi, how are you?" yesterday and here you are full of life and love and laughter.

    Sorry I'm not a bidder. Too much of my own hanging around.

    Hi! How are you?

    I think I asked you an annoying question about helping me some time ago.

    I think I've got it sussed now. It's taken time and research and a little experimenting. You know the stuff we all have to do to work out what is best for us.

    Hope you have time to get back to your wonderful picturesque Blogs soon I miss you and them.


  5. I'll trade you straight up, hair balls (made by 4 cats) for your 5 pounds of fat... I know it's a deal, but don't rush into it; talk it over with your financial illusionist first

  6. You will get rid of the five pounds, you are determined, and you have accomplished so much.

  7. You must have sold off a lot over the past couple of months. You my dear, are a skinny minnie now!


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