12 August 2012

onward and ... um ... huh?

My downfall... cashews...
I owe alot to some Smart-Ass Paleo Guy on Face Book
who asked the question - WHY did you (not me, just "you" you)
 Go LowCarb in the first place?
Well, cuz restricting carbs is the only way to remove 
the pounds and pounds, and rolls and rolls
of flesh from my sides, back and tummy.
And grains and sugars are probably not that good for us, anyhows.
And since I tend to eat them all till they are gone,
I need to quit bringing nuts home with me (TWSS!) 

I go home now to eat lunch -
In between my two jobs... its good!
It takes just as long to cook as it does to go through 
the line at In-N-Out

Made some bone broth - followed a recipe (here)

Gotta skim the nasty scum from the top... 

Threw a round steak in there, too

Stocking up at the store....
The Zero-Carb group doesn't always buy
GrassFed Beef.... I do when I can

I also love the Gelatin - my nails tend to split
and get soft and bend back - not good!

I should eat at the Beef House!
A little puppy at the shop where I got my oil changed!

Plates an plates of meaty BBQ - hold the sauce

Stress seems to either give me that "gaunt" look
Or it gives me that "puffy" look... flabby...
Today, it's flabby.

Hanging on in there is the hard part sometimes!
I have a feeling it will all work out in the end!


  1. You don't look puffy or flabby, just stressed. I have to limit my nut buying too...if they are there I will eat them. They're kind of my field of dreams. Could be worse, it used to be biscuits!

  2. Oh girl, I LOVE cashews and don't buy them because they are just WAY TOO good!!

    Beef = Yumm!!!

    You don't look gaunt, or flabby, or puffy. Put a smile on that face :D

  3. I agree-keep hanging, it WILL all work out in the end!

  4. You owe a lot of cashews to a Paleo-Facebook guy? Can we all send you some cashews to help pay off the debt?

    1. LOL - I'll send him the empty can!
      He is just a 20 something year old athlete who has never been a Fattie.
      He would eat all the nuts and then some! And never miss a beat.

  5. Hey Anne, thanks for that link to making bone broth. I learned something new... like how roasting/browning the meaty bones before making the broth with them makes a tastier broth. Who knew?!

  6. Beef beef beef beef... I love pictures of BEEF.

    Hope you can shed the stress woes soon.


  7. Oh Anne , dont cha know there is only ONETRUEDIET*tm, with healthywholegrains and no arterycloggingsaturatedfats with two hours of zumbu and/or crossfit per day???? No one shared these sacred truths from the AMA, ADA, big AG, big pharma???? You really need to educate yourself,,,har har har! :)

  8. Very true , sikkerhet, Anne does a great service to society!

  9. I also eat low carb. I have a lot more energy when I don't eat a lot of carbs. Also eating grass fed beef is a lot healthier than eating grain fed. It has so many health benefits. You should check out La Cense Beef's new catalog. They have so many different cuts of meats to choose from. I know you'll love it.

  10. Actually you look great, Anne!

  11. Cashews are so good, but so carby of course. I am addicted to pistachios right now...and they are good!

  12. I am anonymous. Forgot to sign my name. Kimberley

  13. Your face looks skinny, Ann. Maybe you are at goal? You definitely do not look flabby. You are so funny!! LOL Love the puppy - aaaw! Just saying hi - been a while; just so busy!

  14. How goes the carb trippin?

  15. we never talked about cashews, i cannot have them in the house... same with macadamias...all the other types would become rancid before i got them eaten... what is it about these things.

    hope you are doing well... may is just around the corner.

  16. Ok Anne, now when I think of cashews I think of you & Buccees! Those roasted, warm cashews were so yummy!

  17. Some people do better with gelatin from the animal itself. You can get it pretty cheap to from local farmers. Great lakes is still pretty good in terms of quality.

  18. Food is not the enemy!
    Losing weight, without touching your meal plan.


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