04 August 2012

12 weeks check in

Made a brisket instead of eating out all the time

I am not smart enough to figure out what is wrong with me....
I think my ulcer is back - or maybe the intrinsic factor stuff
I was dealing with last year...
Or maybe the stress of 2 jobs, and LC "junk food"
is finally catching up with me!
You know, wraps, and fast food - no good!
Even some LC tortillas, and all that nasty gluten.
I also started sleeping flat on my back, without a pillow,
And that doesn't help, I am sure. So no pool noodle for a while.

Could also be the massive amounts of Advil,
 Monster drinks, Coffee, and my nightly glass of wine.
It's not even the good stuff... dang.

Check out this rib eye! Wow!
So now, during the hottest time of the year,
I put on a brisket at midnight when I get home from 
job #2 ... and let it cook all night!
And take it with me... instead of protein mix.
Dang - it was just what the doc would have ordered...
Dr Atkins, that is!

Had a visitor the other night - he stayed on the balcony 
all evening and all night. A little gardian, perhaps.

I plan to work 2 jobs all summer.... so far 12 weeks!
I nailed Like a Boss.
But for the next 12 weeks, I want to kinda slow down,
and pay attention to the details.
No use wrecking the health and weight loss progress,
just to get a little ahead in other areas.
Without health, there would be no other areas!

Thanks for keeping on checking on me
During this spartan summer of work!


  1. Like A Boss!!! Love it!

    Gluten kills...today I started my dairy free adventure.


  2. I suffer from acid reflux at times, but since i have stared eating better and not stuffing myself, it has gotten much better. I'm sure losing over 20 pounds so far hasn't hurt either. Don't stress yourself out by wrking too hard and screw up your weight loss program.

  3. Massive amounts of advil will tear up anyone's stomach, Anne!

  4. Don't work too hard Anne. You are so right when you say that without health there are no other areas. Be kind to your sweet self. XXX

  5. You have a punishing schedule.

    Good to see you taking the bull by the horns, errr, unmmm, bisket and looking after yourself.


  6. Yeah, I was worried about the Advil... what Angela Pea said. And add the acidity of coffee to the mix... ouch, poor tummy!
    I hope the switch to at-home food helps you feel better, Anne.
    Ever heard of the 2 Minute Vacation?? People stop whenever it's convenient, and take a couple of minutes of deep breathing/total relaxation. Very healthy for you busy-bee type folks! :-)

  7. Cute little visitor you had there.

    And, OH, what I would do to all that meat...YUMZ!

  8. Eats are always better home made, glad you figured a way with your schedule!! Working lady :)

  9. Has to be less msg-ee type stuff in the slow cooked meat. You're on the right track. Stress can make us sensitive to things we usually arent. I just started cooking my slow cooker meat with no spices (add them later) since I read that meats cooked low and slow with salt can produce thier owm msg. That shocked me! I add plenty grey sea salt after its cooked though. *cute little friend on balconey*

  10. Omperazole will take care of the tummy

  11. Rib eye sounds good. Hope your ulcer doesn't come back.
    Mom Fitness Journal

  12. You work too hard girl!
    Chill a bit..and decide what is most important.

  13. Sounds like you have a lot going on.. Plus it sounds like a lot of crap is going into your system...I think you're right...it all caught up with you...

  14. Just checking in with you Anne. I'm sorry your not feeling good. Do try and take a few minutes a day to just relax. Gotta take care of yourself. Working two jobs is hard but if you take care of yourself you can do it.
    Blessings Anne.

  15. Yeah - I have a stalker - the REAL kind...
    She got fired from a case we were on together,
    and is crazy as a shit house rat.
    In fact, 12 weeks of living hell.

  16. Oh dear. Be careful hon!

  17. I love a brisket. And I believe a brisket loves me.
    Sorry to hear your not feeling good. Maybe you just need a good old fashioned ________________. You get to fill in the blank.


  18. I always enjoy looking in on you :) Glad you're hanging in there hope the stomach troubles ease up.

  19. Commercial salad dressing is just recycled motor oil and mule whiz; at least they taste like what imagine the combination of those two items to be. never touch dressing. Olive Oil, Sesame Oil, Walnut Oil...

  20. Have you tried the low carb diet, Paleo?

  21. Hope you're stomach doesnt get to upset :)


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