12 July 2016

fort worth day

Cleaned the Truck today

90% of my stuff in contained in these 2 small boxes.
But when you have a Truck, you have to make room.

New Clothes, New Year, New Me

At Chuy's in Fort Worth for some fun time

Same thing as usual....

Beef Fajitas

How refreshing... our waiter Adam talked openly 
And lovingly about his Partner.... good times

Saw this book by the restaurant.... lol

This year and last year... lol

A rare and lovely photograph of the Georgia O'Keeffe

Like Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Oh yeah....

This year and last year... lol

Life moves pretty fast....

Gotta stop and look around once and a while so you don't miss it

This year and last year lol

Yep ... lol...

I really enjoyed the SoCal exhibit....
I camped and hiked at many of the places there...
Made me wish I were there again for sure...

Now.... and then....
Same street- different vibe....
This year, no standing in the middle of the street!

But this is DEF me now!
Now... where were we?

A few days after we went last year, I broke my leg.
Life changed forever!
I ended up having to use my cane  -
Fort Worth is very hilly!


  1. I read through your profile and i am intrigued,My life is in a pretty good place right now with just a lovely woman missing,I would love to find someone to laugh with, talk to and enjoy all the pleasures of life with. Hopefully there is a woman out there who I can care for and love and if the feelings are mutual well....happy days.I'm told that I am caring and thoughtful, which I think goes with being a Man. I'd love to have someone in my life who I could be affectionate to and care for as well. I do have a brain (or so I'm told) and intelligent conversation every now and then is a good thing, but so is laughter,I am outgoing, pationate, romantic, sensitive. I want to see the world,I love blue skies and green ocean beach, sailing, learning. I believe in a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. I enjoy having friends over for dinner ,But it has been long since i last done that.And I love to cook.I would describe myself as a romantic and I make no apologies for this. I think hugs, kisses, cuddles and open displays of affection are a lovely thing. Sometimes all you need is a cuddle on the sofa with a warm fire and a bottle of wine or to soak up the evening sunshine with a cool drink in one hand and that special someone holding the other,I like holidays and weekends away, whether it's on a sandy beach in a far flung place or a cottage in the countryside.if you were just to give me one chance, I could show you that it could be amazing. I don't want to hurt you like you have been hurt in the past. I just want you to take a risk and see how good it would feel. I know that things could never be the same again but that's what life is about... taking risks! I could make you so happy. There's more to life than just sitting around waiting for something to happen life will then just pass us by,Hope to read from you again soon..I am Bobby seeking a soul-mate.

  2. Wow - Bobby - what? Sorry, dude... not for me.... why would you send this - in a million years - to me - or anyone? Honestly... please...
    THINK about what you are doing... and how it must sound... chill, Bro... PLEASE! Easy Does It... Right?

  3. Oh fajitas sound good right now. Think I will have those for supper. No good places here to get them so. Fresh and hot from my stove.

    Bobby is a category five clinger.


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