23 July 2016

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From Uncle Walt 
Leaves of Grass

I have a patient who is Diabetic.
He knows to avoid Sugar.
But Starch is another thing.
And no one can tell him why!
But I am about to tell him why!

So I came up with this  - with a little help from Van Gogh.
Deep Breath... Here Goes!
The sun produces energy. Light.
It is this energy that is absorbed and stored by plants.

Light makes the plants grow.
(In the Army they said that Blood made the Grass grow.)
But it is plants. Via photosynthesis. 
Plants are Carbon Based.
Carbon and Water.
Carbo+Hydrate = Carbohydrate!

Table sugar comes from Sugar Cane.
Also Beets... and Corn... via HFCS....
But for now, we are talking about Grasses.

What? Sugar Cane is a Grass?
Yes. Yes it is.

So are things like Corn, Wheat, Oats, Rice and Barley.
Grasses. Grasses that make Cereal. Grains.

Some plants grow roots and tubers... 
Some grow veggies and fruits..
Even Nuts and Legumes...
With various degrees of Sugar and Starch.

Starches break down from "complex" forms
To "simple" sugars.
The Glycemic Index is based on Starch Based Foods...
NOT on sugary foods!
Let that soak in. 

So now comes Public Enemy # 1.
The circulating high levels of Glucose 
And higher levels of Insulin... And Glucagon...

The Van GOlden Girls 
Even knew that they could eat Cheesecake 
And the weight gain would not show up 
For 2 or 3 days... yes indeed!

When excess Glucose is present,
It causes a cascade of events....
Called AGES... (link)

So by limiting STARCH and SUGAR
We can gain nearly perfect control 
Of our Blood Glucose readings!
And that is good for all of us!


I would love to hear from you!