12 July 2016

fort worth day

Cleaned the Truck today

90% of my stuff in contained in these 2 small boxes.
But when you have a Truck, you have to make room.

New Clothes, New Year, New Me

At Chuy's in Fort Worth for some fun time

Same thing as usual....

Beef Fajitas

How refreshing... our waiter Adam talked openly 
And lovingly about his Partner.... good times

Saw this book by the restaurant.... lol

This year and last year... lol

A rare and lovely photograph of the Georgia O'Keeffe

Like Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Oh yeah....

This year and last year... lol

This year and last year lol

Yep ... lol...

I really enjoyed the SoCal exhibit....
I camped and hiked at many of the places there...
Made me wish I were there again for sure...

Now.... and then....
Same street- different vibe....
This year, no standing in the middle of the street!

But this is DEF me now!
Now... where were we?

A few days after we went last year, I broke my leg.
Life changed forever!
I ended up having to use my cane  -
Fort Worth is very hilly!

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  1. What a fun day! Why would someone not comment on this post? Get the ban hammer, Anne


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