26 July 2016

a perk of blogging

A perk and the joys of blogging!
Remember when I ate Salmon for 100 days?
Here's a Screen Shot.

Other than getting sick of Salmon-
And I mean literally sick of it....

The idea was to get labs after increasing my PUFA
Specifically Omega 3.
And if you followed along, you would know
That I keep the 3:6 Ratio down to 1:1 or 1:2

13 Nov + 100 days = 21 Feb
Then the Lab Work...

Look at what happened to the LDL!
It went WAY up!
And was never that high again -
Even with all the Red Meat I eat.

And the VAP -
apoB100 - can't be high due to lack of Omega 3!

Sitting here scratching my skull.
I am not sure what this means!

Ray Pete (link) says that you can deplete 
The stored amounts of PUFA from the body...
By being on a Fat Free Diet for 3 to 30 days.

Would that be the same as low PUFA?
High Omega 3?

Questions questions questions!
Any ideas?
I need a Lipidologist. 

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  1. Silly Girl - the answer is in Saturated Fats... they LOWER HDL... and LDL....
    The Omega 3 and especially 6 raise the bad guys...
    Keep low in carbs... and yo will rock - like you do

    Fatty Fat Fat xoxoxo


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