28 July 2016

wth? day

Wicking fabric took all the grime from my car seat 
Which was wet with rain...

Yep - I left my windows down... and a quirky summer storm
Got the better of me....
Had to duck into the nearest Walmart to buy new scrubs... lol

New Houses are modern and cool...
Older houses are eclectic and quirky...

With one you can raise chickens because no HOA
And a lovely Chick I raised from birth...  back in the day.

Everybody just love everybody
That is all!

I call it "heat snapped" because this is the 2nd heat injury 
I have had in my life.. sick as a dog... can't work...
MUCH more than just a hot flash "lol"

I was in a patients house - no A/C
I bend down to do something and almost fell over!
Heat is oppressive here - 

Slept like 14 hours... 3 days in a row....
I had cramps in odd places -
Like my biceps. I could barely lift a glass.

So I drank some Potassium - NuSalt...
I can't do the Beef Jerky like I once could -
I was never a "Salty" Fatty.
My likings were more on the Sweet side.


  1. Hope you are feeling better. I find as I get older, I can tolerate extreme heat and cold less and less.

  2. Yes - however, i can tolerate heat much better now than when I was 10 years younger but 100 pounds heavier!


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