23 July 2016

all labs

Everyone is always asking about how healthy a Low Carb Diet is.
This is my 7th year on Low Carb.

I am 55 years old. Female.
BP = 110/68
Pulse = 72 regular

I tried to get labs every year.
The first labs (2010) were done at a company t
That didn't give me printed results yet.

I am not worried about the Total Cholesterol 
Because the HDL is soon very high!

You can see my Metabolic Panels are very consistent.

This is a graph of my Cholesterol Profile.
Notice the generally downward direction!

So yes. Here's me - after going on Low Carb, then losing 
AND keeping off over 80 pounds weight loss loss
Does Low Carb work? YES, IT DOES!
Is Low Carb Healthy? YES, IT IS!

Here's to 7 more years ...
And 7 more and 7 more (etc) after that!


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