19 March 2016

Till Eulenspiegel's Lustige Streiche

Art work in Denton

This is where Time actually goes -
Or comes from - not sure

Chute, Yea
Glad You're Here 

Justin, Texas

Every one paints everything here
Starving artists and what not - 

So back to Till

Now, Eulenspiegel had this custom whenever he did some mischief 
Where he was unknown: he took chalk or coal 
And drew an owl and a mirror over the door, 
And underneath wrote, in Latin, Hic fuit!
A lovely story from here (link)

Poor Till 

When you start hearing Till Eulinspiegel, (By Strauss, silly)
You know it is Spring - just as surely as 
When you hear Vivaldi - it must be Autumn!

Now - back to work with ye

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  1. I am listening to Schumann right now! Pretty pictures, Miss A!


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