25 March 2016

protein sparing carbs

BP is still good -
Still tweaking the Nootropic stack
To perfectly replicate my beloved Monster Drinks

Made a roast / pork tenderloin 
With Instant Coffee -
OMG it was awesome!

Coffee with Gelatin -
But mostly hot tea

Found out I have HyperMobility 
But I am apparently high functioning -
Just very double jointed. 
I always knew this, but now it has a name.
Having "knock knees" or "locked knees"
Is how the surgeon said I got my TPF.
(Tibial Plateau Fracture)
Much less support for the joints - with HyperMobilty.


Winter is over, and it is time for a hair cut.
I am still trying to tolerate the longer style.
But there is just a day or two between looking ok
And looking unkempt. 

When I was injured, I raised my carb intake to 60 grams per day.
Carbs are "protein sparing," and I had a hard time
Getting help to buy or make food. 
(Let's just say Grub Hub knew me on a first name basis.)
60 probably was not enough to cause inflammation -
And I was already taking Cox Inhibitors / Anti-Inflammatory meds
For pain. So I upped the carbs. And of course, protein.

I never worried about calories. Some days, I had about 800.
Mostly protein, some fat, I ate one meal a day. 
With protein snacks as needed. Anything "ready to eat."
Now that the acute phase of my healing is complete,
I dropped back down to the 20 carb (average range)

Lots of pretty rain -
Looks like mountains - but no - just clouds!


  1. Hyper Moblity - that sucks, doll! Are you still going to have the knee surgery? That sound "iffy" from what I just googled.
    xoxoxo Cali

  2. Hi, Cali -
    Yes - there is only about a 50% chance of full recovery...
    Sooo... we'll play it by ear!
    Thanks for asking after me!


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