16 March 2016

7 years low carb

7 years LC and here I get my permanent parking permit

This Tibial Plateau Fracture 
Has been one of the most life-changing events...
And not really in a good way.
Some days I am barely getting by.

Still driving all over the place...
Thank goodness I have a good job that I love -
And don't have to deal with office sociopaths and NutJobs.

Pretty towns

Lots of youthful art

Sugar-Free stuff in all the stores...
7 years ago, this did not exist

I look back on my blog and sometimes cringe! (Mostly)
Sometimes I am amazed at how society has changed...
Keto Diet - BulletProof Coffee
Paleo... LowCarb Paleo
I am glad. But my work here is done.

It is my great joy to help a few people with Diabetes
To learn how to cook the LC way.
Wounds get better faster and people lose weight.
And end up taking much less insulin and medication.

I cheat on my diet and I pay with my blood
Hardly worth it.

Much better option

Pre-Formed Salmon Patties...
Meh - but still amazing that the interest 
In Salmon and Omega 3 is also on the rise.
I remember when I once blogged about it-
And asked 100 nurses what Omega 3 is...
Only 1 nurse could answer....
And she learned about Omega 3 at church....
(They were selling fish oil pills)

So yay - for 7 happy years on LC.
And maintaining a massive weight loss
"At MY age," which I hear more and more often....


  1. I am happy to have been along for the journey. And thankful that you helped point me in the direction of low carb!!!

  2. Your work is done here? Are you quitting blogging? Are you quitting Low Carb? I don't understand
    xoxoxo Cali

  3. Excellent! I do admire your healthy life Style, except the tibia thing. Good for you. Seven years is not trite.

  4. Ha! At your age, indeed. I will be 63 tomorrow, and when I joke with my much younger colleagues that I not only remember where I was when President Kennedy was shot, but that I also remember the McKinley assassination, they only laugh nervously not sure if I am joking or not. I wish I could say that LCHF has produced such wonderful results for me as it has for you. I am fatter and lumpier than ever, but I feel mid-30s so I guess I shouldn't bitch. I DO bitch, but I shouldn't. Everyone else in the LCHF realm seems to be having much more fun than I am, and losing too. I fear that a 21 day fast is in my future, as soon as my co-workers do my b'day lunch tomorrow. I've requested LC stuff. Anyway, congratulations on 7 years and your continued good health and good blogging.

  5. Happy anniversary!!! Glad you can teach others. Good stuff

  6. Thanks Anne - You are my hero! I first found your blog
    over 2 years ago - back then I said " Low Carb " huh? I
    changed all the food and supplements and - everything
    changed for the better ! xoxoooxoxoxo


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