23 March 2016


Now everything is BulletProof

For the Ultra Lazy
Who can't figure out how to make 
Low Carb Wrap

Denton - 

Boom Town Rats stuff 


Near Gordonville -
Had to turn around and come home
Near panic in the country

More WalArt

Pilot Point, Texas

Pilot Point -
A town about to get *slammed*

Fence Art In Denton


Keeping it really simple these days

Cooking for one 


  1. Trying to figure out how the green buildings relate to the Boom Town Rats - maybe you will tell me. I sort of loved Bob Geldof when he played the role of "Pink" in Pink Floyd, The Wall videos. Alas, he wasn't Pink Floyd but he was still a pretty decent musician (I don't like Mondays either). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr-JoqFVC5E

  2. lol - BoomTown Rats.... Denton is growing so fast - faster than anyone is ready for!
    They are building so much everywhere, all the time!


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