27 March 2016

the hollow chocolate bunnies of the apocalypse

These bunnies.
Not the other bunnies.

Getting tired of the election stuff already.
Have been asked to leave 2 cases
Because they only want Trump Nurses.
The patients ask at the door.
I myself try not to discuss such things during wound care.
Denton is kinda a small town - with growing pains.
They ask many questions!

Got a hair cut the other day, and they were playing 
Contemporary Christian Music overhead.
This was at a Super Cuts or Great Clips -
Or was it Sampson and Delilah -
I don't recall. (lol humor)
That might not happen in Dallas

Not Mines

Def not mines!

Office Food

Salad Food
Pork Rinds for Croutons

Breakfast Food

Ibid Food

About ready to retire the bar stool from my kitchen cooking space.
I can now stand up to cook a meal.
The bar stool has served me well.
Now - to clean up the kitchen!


  1. I love the idea of pork rinds subbing for croutons! I do like pork rinds but can easily overeat them as a snack! This looks like a great way to incorporate their great crunch factor into a meal!

    By the way, thank you so much for your blog. You are an inspiration to me to stick with low carb, I'm just starting out and appreciate reading about other's long term success with this WOE. I also like seeing the pictures of the meals you put together!

    I really feel this is the best way for me to eat because of some metabolic syndrome symptoms that have arisen in the past few years, high blood pressure, high fasting insulin, along with being obese. I'm not diabetic but I monitor my blood sugar a few times a day, and low-carb really helps! I don't want to continue down the path my father did with his diabetes, which led to NAFLD, which then led to cirrhosis, and unfortunately his death at 72. All due to probably poor genetics (?), and him eating whatever he wanted and taking insulin to cover it, regularly 120 units a day....mostly the latter....

    I'm not too surprised that some people are so ignorant to pick and choose their care giver based on political leanings. They should be thankful that they can get care, period.

    Take care, HeatherINTexas

  2. Wow - HeatherInTexas! Thanks for your awesome kind words!
    It is amazing - once you discover Low Carb... how all the pieces just fall into place!
    So sorry about your father - it is a shame the misinformation that is out there...
    I see it every single day... it would be laughable -
    Except the results are painful in the minor applications and genuinely tragic on a wider scale


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