24 January 2014

more fun and food

The cooking labs with Sherri continue

lol - not THAT kind of lab

This kind of lab

And this

Kinda getting tired of eating - and my blood sugar goes down.
Probably Insulin Dumping - if I had to guess.
Any ideas?

Decided to really clean up (again)

Might be unrelated, but I got a pimple.
And it hurts. So yeah.
Now, it's personal.
Sick and tied of being sick and tired!

Lots of good food 
Low to very low to zero carb

And me!
Holding my own but I really don't know how!
Ugh to the ugh


  1. Looking good on the food front, Miss A!

  2. A certain woman we know isn't the only one who could ask for help? You don't have to do it all, either, you know. Just putting that out there.

  3. Why are you concerned about a BG of 102? Was it your fasting BG?


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