05 January 2014

day one

Just say no to candy -
It is Induction Time!

Ground Beef, Green Beans, Tomatoes..
I call this a "Scramble."
This has cottage cheese in it....mmmm..

A "Slambulance" aka
Cougar and Kitten Rescue service..lol
(It is really a limo slash party van)

Never cease to be amazed at the things one can see
Whilst out and about

Went to Sam's with Sherri -
Got a lot of food

Can't take me anywhere...lol

Made this - Crack Slaw...Salad...
No wine, no cheating...
Just no.

Day one of Induction with Peeps
Went very well! 


  1. So glad it went so well. Here's to many more!

  2. You have gorgeous skin !
    Must be that lo carb thang! :)

    1. THANKS! I don't think I look 53 ..... although sometimes I sure do feel it!
      Seriously - LC only helped in every area of life.
      I don't even wear glasses any more, except to drive!
      I owe so much to my LC lifestyle!


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