30 June 2013


I didn't have much experience - or faith...

I just stuck seeds in the ground

Water them every day  - and viola!
They actually grew!
[Violas did not grow - plants grew]

And lots of these!

I couldn't get the lawn mower bag to attach...
So I drove my blonde (and sweaty) self up to Home Depot -
They did it for me in no time flat!

Lots of yummy fats - 

Lots of grilled hamburgers

I was quite shocked when a rib poked out from nowhere!
That is my abdomen. I am doing my foam roller posture work-out.
I do it faithfully (nearly) every day - for over a year now.

Not even much into tasting these days.

So all is well!
That yard work is a dusty version of Cross Fit...
Hope all is well with you!


  1. Those tomatoes say you are a gardener.

    I found a hip bone. Thought I knew my anatomy but seems not so as I was very surprised.

    Love your food. I'm coming to your place when I get to Texas.


  2. Thanks! Those tomatoes came from a Nursery - already started.
    I went to a class, and they said I waited too long to start them by seeds.
    And when in Texas - you are welcome anytime! I would love to meet you!

  3. You had much better luck than me with your garden, I think I planted too late due to a spring trip, looks great!

  4. Great garden...I can't believe you popped a rib...be careful Miss A! LOL!


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