19 June 2013

a little garden

I had a little helper plant the garden. (Thanks, C!)
Your carrots are coming right along - but not quite ready yet!
Some of the tomatoes are ready, though....
Smile with tongue
And the strawberries - WOW!
PS.... Don't eat spiders!
Winking smile


  1. I love your videos. Take 2, did it go better? :o) I love hearing your voice. Sorry I haven't stopped by in a bit. You are doing so awesome. Tomatoes, not fair....our plants are just starting out. Another couple months.
    Take care Anne. Have a blessed day/week!

  2. A little protein with your veggies, won't hurt you. I just got back from the BWCA and had eaten my fill of bugs. Terrible when they are trying to crawl back out and making you cough. :o)

  3. Do you have vets moved in yet? I just love your garden!

  4. I'm guessing you;ll learn to eat homegrown tomatoes still warm off the vine. That's a good as it gets, yum.

    It's easy to see how much work you put into the garden and the yard-- back-breaking work-- but it all looks so nice, Anne.

    Sorry about the spider but I cracked up at the "eat a spider" comment. I read that story to godson a million times when he was a little kid.

    xo jj

  5. Nice to hear you talking!
    I love your garden and yard.


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