24 October 2012

crawl back up

Lots of butter fried Hebrew National weenies

Buttery Bacon

Lots of steak


Couple of these

And these

Even go to go here - Prime Rib is always good

And Rib Eye

Finally my wild schedule is coming to a screeching halt.
Finally time to do things like - get a hair cut....
And get the truck serviced....
And clean up around the place....
You know, that kind of thing!
Get back to walking....
Disappointed smile
And re (re re re re) start over again
I don't even count the number of times...
It will prove to be an infinite number
because a diet is never "done."
So it always must be right here on my mind.
And first in my priorities. When it is not,
I slip. And I hate that! 
Winking smile
And yes, I am just now learning this!


  1. Re re re re re rejoice in being able to restart. If you couldn't, you'd be dead. Don't be dead, I prefer you not-dead... so restart and do so with the Buttery Bacon first. If you don't, I will eat it. Just saying, I got cat-fast reflexes when it comes to Buttery Bacon; meow!

  2. Don't worry about re (re re re re) start(ing)...
    Just means you've picked yourself up! The bad thing would be if you just stayed down!

  3. Well you are looking good :) good to see you, I've missed ya.

  4. Bacon n kerrygold ah the humanity!

  5. You are back in the world again! We need to watch out!

  6. Grrrr!
    Just as soon as I find my Advil!

  7. The shrimp! Made me want to eat shrimp after seeing it.

  8. Came back for more bacon pics... FEED ME!


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