01 October 2012

selling yourself short


Peppers and eggs - 
kinda turned things red

Lots of eggs these days

I am working nights for a week or two
As a personal favor to a case I've had.
I am *not* a night person and it's pretty hard
to make the transition... I feel a little bloaty and puffy...

First, I was just working mega hours...
Now, I am still long hours, but deep nights.
Thank goodness for cable!

Last year when I tried Paleo, I did this same bloating-up trick.
Found out I am not one to eat Sweet Taters.
And frankly, it broke me little heart.

This year, I found out that the fructose in wine
Even does the same thing to me.
More pouting from me.

Not that Fructose directly influences blood glucose...
It can.... but really, fructose raises blood FRUCTOSE levels.
Who knew, eh?

That is the truth about how I feel now,
But I try not to dwell on the hard stuff.
I work hard and keep my focus,
And eat quality foods when ever I can...

Like this awesome KerryGold Herb Butter!
And lots of brisket. And Zero "cheating" at all.
The Bites, Licks and Tastes kill LC diets.
Not to mention the Heartburn.
Not worth a bite or a lick or a taste!

And no matter how much weight I lose, 
I am only ever one bite away from
Lasping back to being a Heavy Person.
Amazing how that works.
One bite, one plate, one week - just "this one time!"
Maintenance is such a cruel mistress!

When you are only 5'2" like I am,
5 pounds shows up "big" time!

Thank goodness for Pat helping me out!
That is all... thanks, y'all, for checking on me!


  1. It is always so wonderful to hear from you! Glad you are keeping well.

  2. Good luck on working nights! Rather you than I :)

  3. I've wasted a lot of wishes because I would like to be taller. Sigh. Five pounds really does show on shorties like us.

    You made me remember that I have baked sweet potatoes in my fridge. I'm off to get one of them for my morning snack. It would make me sad if I could not eat them too.


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