27 October 2012

some things are illuminated

All the light bulbs in Trucky went out 
at about the same time.... which is right about now!

The upper brake light assembly in trucks -
Well, it tends to leak when it rains, so mine is sealed with silicone.
Quite a mess to get into and out of.
I've learned how to do it myself over the years.

Inspection (every year in Tx)
Tags (every 2 years)
All kinds of good stuff - lots got done!

From New Yorker Magazine

But the guy who was helping me put the old bulbs back in -
Put the old burned out bulbs back in instead, and closed 'er up!
Then, they sold me the wrong size. And threw the old bulbs away.
I ended up digging through the trash, and making quite an ass of myself.
All the while I was telling the guy it was the wrong size -
Every one "knew" better than me, and I ended up being right.
I was seething!

Finally, I took the fucking truck to get it done
(It's just a light bulb, right?)
And they ended up looking like this!
Now I am blinding people on the road -
until I can go to yet another place to get it done again!
5th time is the charm, eh?

So then I stop at the Butcher Shop to get some meat
And a lovely bag of bones, which they cut for me, special.
The butcher took the bones up to the front, 
And from out of nowhere, a lady grabbed them,
And ran out the door! Honestly!
Now I ask you, who steals bones?
A bone hunter? Bone Thug?

I guess I picked the wrong day to quit drinking wine,
Quit coffee, and go back to Induction 
All in one day! Better to take it in stages.

The bone broth turned out great!
I share it and get lots of compliments.

True story!
I can lol about it now -
and get out for a walk in the cool Autumn days!


  1. Seriously, stealing a bag of bones? This world is full of weird, unexplainable things. LOL!

    PS: They say drinking coffee is ok these days, I've seen several articles talking about one or more studies that have been done. Didn't save the sources cause I didn't think I'd need to refer to them :( sorry.

    1. I was drinking maybe 6 to 8 cups a day....
      My Bad!
      So I quit altogether!..... for now.
      A cup or two of hot tea seems to hit the spot!

    2. Ah, I see...yes, I believe even the articles that same it's okay are referring to 1 or 2 cups a day, although Dr Eades seems to drink a lot of coffee.

      I love ginger tea and chai. This time of year you start finding boxes of called Gingerbread tea etc love it when they're on sale.

  2. I had to read the bone story to hubby, crazy people in this world for sure lol. Glad you still got your broth made. Sorry about trucky.

  3. A lady stole a bag of bones? And ran away? Good grief. Maybe she didn't know they were bones and she though she was stealing steak...or maybe she has a hungry dog. Anyway the butcher must have had some more bones because you made your broth! There were bags of chicken bones available at the market this morning for just a dollar, so I bought some. Making a pot of chicken broth right now!

  4. Hi Anne. I'm trying something I never thought I would enjoy. Coffee with a spoonfull of whipping cream. I can last all day on a couple of cups like this. Not sure that's a good idea ... just saying. More than 2 cups a day and I get hyper and shakey. Don't love my coffee more than the shakes.

    I'm glad you got to enjoy bone broth after all the stress. And I have chicken broth all ready to go, some into the freezer no doubt.


  5. Bless the poor lady who stole the bones.....
    I mean - who hasn't been her at one time or another!?!
    This was in Plano, Tx... a very "swanky-fied" part of town....
    They tried to chase her down, but she drove off in a Lexus!
    Who knows, eh?

    1. She also bought 2 bags of bones.....
      Maybe she thought they were hers!
      Imagine her shock when she got home!
      [or not]

  6. Twilight zone at the grocery store! Hey, maybe shes got a 150lb dog at home....

  7. That happened to me at a Which Witch in Frisco once....dude jacked my turkey sandwich!!! I think it was a mistake, but I was mad 'cause I was hungry. Then I got a free sammy out of it after all, and I was happy again.

    I think he was surprised when he got home, too!

  8. That is just rude!!
    I do drink coffee usually 2-3 and decaf after 4 :)
    I also enjoy a glass of wine several times a week. I'm having one tonight.

  9. Freaking MEN who don't give a Chick credit for knowing her own vehicle! Grrrr.
    Sorry some random woman stole your bones! She must have been desperate!

  10. "For being such a Bitch, I sure can be LoMaintenance at times!" = the best line ever! Haha :-) I am going to give that tea brand a try because I am such a coffee junkie that I too can't picture converting but am open to it :)


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