09 October 2009

there, I fixed it

moving right along

how's that working for ya?

a stroke of genius, DH
all righty, then

These were emailed to me the other day.
There, I Fixed It!
From a website by the same name.

Good for a laugh but really....
The diet (and life) metaphor is obvious to me

A quick fix doesn't always work
It doesn't hurt *or does it*
but we all know it won't work in the long run.

There are all kinds of genuine coping skills
that won't have to be re-done
once the duck-tape wears off.
that's right; I said duck :D

"If you don't have time to fix it now,
Are you going to have time to fix it later?"

ps still cleaning out files


  1. i gotta visit this site! that grocery cart griller is so mad max beyond thunder domish! lol.

  2. Theres a thousand things you can do with duck tape. I think it, hot glue and silicon hold up my house. Take care Anne. have a great weekend.

  3. so crotchless panties?

    now Red Green knows his way with *duck* tape. But he's Canadian so there might be geese involved instead.

  4. Quick fixes. Buring head in the sand. So tempting.

  5. Now I know what to do with those oversized panties - sexy running tops - genius!

    You mean I can't hold my life together with duck tape? Darn.

  6. lol. I had to zoom in on the briefs-bra to understand what that was. eww.

  7. Yes....my original subtext there was something nasty!
    I thought better of it and put the two little **
    A little imagination goes along way....

  8. The easy way out isn't always a successful way forward. Loved the pics!

  9. The "easy" way -
    not to be confused with
    the "simple" answers!

  10. OMG, that underwear bra is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

  11. I would not have thought to use Husband's undies that way. He'd probably enjoy it ... except for me cutting holes in them.


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