11 October 2009

Jack Sh*t Gettin' Fit

My Awards

Thank You Mr. Jack Sh*t for the wonderful honor of this award!
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After my own weight loss journey started,
a Nurse friend said "Why don't you start a blog?"
Now every day, she is sorry she said that, because the blog is all I talk about....
....Karen did this...
....Jack did that...
....Dana did this and that...
....Harry phooned!
....Joanna said something nice - about me - although she says nice things to everyone.

So it is with great pleasure that I tell my things.
My "Jack Sh*t Really Sh*tty Blog Award" things.

A I started blogging (in part) because of Jack Sh*t. Specifically: The Raven.
I was all over that guy long before he became an icon to Blogland.
You know, back when only 4 or 5 people read and commented on his posts.

B Jack is a "good guy." You can tell from his comments. Nice.

C Jack reads minds! More than once - no, more than twice - no, well
MANY times I had a whole post worked out - and behold -
Jack had the same idea.
At first I was greatly disturbed by this.
But now I understand that
Jack and I must be "tuned in" to the same wonderful things in life.
I know we have a lot in common.
Must be a cosmic attraction.

D Jack just worked his *sk off, and indeed it is gone.
So he knows how hard, or how easy, it can be to lose weight.

E Jack finally showed his cute face.
Everyone was wondering.
Now we know.

F Jack is a stabilizing force in the Blogs.
This summer was THE BEST SUMMER I have ever had.
It was loving, and exciting, inspiring, like magic was everywhere.
I have never laughed so hard or had so much fun in my life.
Jack is/was a big part of the whole picture.

Wouldn't you agree?
Thanks Jack - you da man!
I love me some Jack Sh*t!

Also, since I am in the "Thankful" and "Grateful" mode
Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian Bloggers, eh?

Hope you don't have to work today.
At least not hard!

Again with the Haikus?
*parenthetically* deconstructionist


  1. What about Anne? Tell us about you!

  2. i knew when jack did his low carbers post he was an all inclusive kinda guy. he doenst get tripped up on how, or why, its just, DO IT!

    congrats ms. anneh!

  3. I agree Anne! Even my best friend who is not on a weight loss journey asked about Jack today after we went to church and said she missed reading his blog. I like you was there when he started his blog so I feel extra special having been along for the whole ride.

    You are a strong support in our little blog world and I agree that we would like to get a little list of tidbits on Anne ;-)

  4. Wow! Didn't know all of those things about Jack. I like his blog too. He has soo many followers now, I can't imagine him only having 5. Great job on winning the award.

  5. Nice tribute, Anne. That Jack is amazing and so are you. Have a wonderful week!

  6. You little bugger ... I noticed *5*. My trick you minx. :)

    Congrats on being considered Sh*tty enough for the award, Peach!
    You are special and don't be modest ... you KNOW you are! I KNOW you are :D

    I *love him more now that I know what he looks like. It brought him down to earth for me (I had him up so high as you know) and now I can relate to a person instead of a persona. Much nicer this way. *Love in the non-sexual, non-seductive, non-want to rip his shorts off sense ... purely pure ;)

    For whatever the reason, Anne, I am happy you started blogging.
    But you know that.
    Blogland was buzzing with electricity this summer and we were part of it. It was The Best Summer!

  7. It is a true honor, this Sh*tty Blog Award.
    I guess I'd better clean up my Sh*tty act, eh? ;)

  8. you are awesome, Anne. :) and so is Jack. thanks for this list. :)

    (love the haiku's.. love your brain)

  9. I don't know Jack-- literally. I'm stopping by to check him out.

    And I don't say nice things to everyone..... I only leave nice comments for nice people :-))))

    Love the pumpkin pic.

  10. Wow, you're not supposed to make me tear up, Anne (didn't you read the fine print, dammit?).

  11. You are well deserving of this kinda crappy award (and I mean this in the best way possible).

  12. Great post, and thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes to all us Canucks.


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