18 February 2017

take five







What a week! Two weeks! It was it three?
I've moved and am just now getting set up 
In my new place. First- to find the computer. 
Then- two socks that match. 
Or not. 

The more I blog, the better I do
Even when I must blog on my phone. 
It's like a journal- that I am willing to share. 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Yesssss!!! blogging more. I got an iPad Mini 4 with Siri dictation. I need to blog shorter posts, more often. :) I loved your cat photo in between your low carb foods. Here's to getting settled in your new crib. :)

  2. moved again!? well hope you get all settled in lickety split!

  3. We were looking for you! :) Glad to hear you are getting settled in your new place

  4. Please explain the water bottle pile! 😂

    1. lol - that is the mix of good intentions and sloppy ways and means - my current life! I knew I needed to drink more water, so I carry a case of water around in my car. But they got loose and just went everywhere! lol

  5. I feel you LOL I hate moving but the excitement of something new eventually takes over...and wins! Hope the new place is as cute and homey as the last one and that we see/hear more soon. Don't be a stranger, you're a breath of fresh air in this sea of unbearable craziness we live in these days {{{<3}}}


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