22 February 2017

color my world

My new place is filled with color, and art, and whimsey.

I just left most things in place -
I thought it would feel like I lived in an AirB-n-B rental,
But it does not. It feels like a nice home.
My new housemates have gone out of their way
To make sure I feel perfectly at home. 

This is my contribution 

Motion-sensitve color-changing toilet lights!

Mid Century Deco

My daily commute.
You KNOW I love Downtown Dallas!

More junk at work. Ugh.

I think I have solved the mobile app nursing problem.
This Apple iPad is touch sensitive 
AND can hook up to a keyboard....
As well as wifi and dial up.

No more working on notes till late late at night!
If I intend to keep my Home Health job, 
This is imperative.

I got my new driver's license in the mail yesterday!
So now it is official. YAY!

Once the internet speed gets up graded, 
I will be all set! 
No one here is a big Data Junkie like me.

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