26 January 2017

goodnight moon

I feel like a carnival person

But oh well - I  kinda like it!

I spent some time finding things, 

And taking them home 

Somethings you need... some I guess you just want

I mean... I guess you could sit there on the floor... 
Looking around an empty cell...

My friends in real life and I 
Have totally different views on "stuff"

Well..... they never really asked me what I thought about their stuff..
But they were happy to let me know what they thought about mine!

Odd. I guess it just accumulates. 
I hope some happy couple can sit on this and sip coffee
Or tea - or whatever...
And just enjoy the day!

Smoking is a real bear!
And downsizing during moving is like 2 bears.

After I was sick last week,
I decided to just start Induction all over...
All that bread and wine you would think I was a Nun
Going to communion... lol...yep... lol...
And so far, so good! 
I love how the cravings are gone... 
When you stop eating that bad stuff


  1. I put some things on Craigslist - just for grins...
    I gave my awesome couch away... I was sad to see it go...
    The END of a era for sure

  2. I love that couch!!!!
    Hope things are going well for you - this post does not sound like your usual chipper self. Hugs.

  3. I remember when you decorated that balcony, I thought it was perfect! Good luck with induction!

  4. PS: I just noticed you changed your page!!! The clouds are lovely and the red really pops :)

  5. Oh I loved that couch :) Better days ahead right? Spring is coming


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