20 February 2017

ahhhh - at last

3 weeks in, and I am finally unpacking

Drawer lining is the first 
Rite Of Passage at any new place

FINALLY did laundry at my new place!

Out and about 

This is why I don't like to go out to eat.
Half Price Wings at Wingstop on Tuesday.
They charged full price.
And they were burned little nubs.

THIS is more like it.
Avocado Burgers at Cindy's

With a Salad

Here's my Salad. 
(Just kidding)

New Co-Worker

New Buddy - there are two cats 
At my new place.

He is going to help me with my unpacking, no?

Now - to find my hair products!


  1. So great to hear from you. I LURRVEEE your posts :)

  2. I recognize these things - even that onion! LOL #peteyesthatone


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