22 January 2017

good bye stuff

FaceBook has this "TimeHop" feature.
You get to go back and see what you were doing
On that day - 1, 2, 3 or more years ago.

So, 4 years ago, I was sick.
And packing to move.
And I had just gotten a new phone.
And found some old friends on FB.
Same stuff, different year!

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that!
For here I am packing, moving, and sick!
And I have a new phone.

I have a new friend. 

And many beautiful new things to surround me,
In my new place. 

This product is nice because = bicarb and aspirin

For Better Or Worse
We have entered a new era in America.
May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.


I never realized how easily influenced I was.
I always thought I had pretty strong ideas.
I liked Obama, but I worked in a place where he was not welcomed.
That should have been my first hint to not work there.

Fear fear fear. It's all fear.
I think one of the keys to getting along now -
Is to just be kind. That's it.
Just be nice.

One more thing.
How in the hell world do we accumulate so much junk?
Don't you know it ends up in a box when you die?

Some poor family member says -
And here we think we have the nicest things in our homes.

Someone smart should come up with a plan
That helps family members sell things - 
For an Estate Sale, Pre-state Sale,
DownSizing, Packing Granny Out...
They would be rich.
Alas... People want to Buy Low
And Sell High... 
From what I have learned about Human Nature,
Good Luck With That!


  1. Life is like shampoo directions huh? Rinse and repeat.

  2. Good luck with your move Anne. And good luck to all of us who are praying that everyone will Just be nice and kind now! Peaceful little patio/garden. Love the rock bottom meme-do you know where it originated?

    1. lol - some where along the great divide of the internet! lol!

  3. Love your new place! And your sense of humor. And your realness. And- I could keep going...

  4. Who's dat kitty face? A roomate? xoxooxox

  5. That's Cedar. He is surper cute! And has a motor on him like he was born in Detroit! Loud purring kitteh!

  6. I appreciate your sense of humor............Thanks for sharing this blog publicly.

  7. This is really a nice article. Thanks for sharing. I like this blog.


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