11 January 2017

si tacuisses

Wow -

My Mac crashed hard and everything had to be reset. 
All the pics... all the passwords... emails... texts... 
Juicy love letters.... everything!
 I lost about 10,000 pics as well. Just kidding....
It was more like 30,000! Time to find that cloud! 

I am typing to you on a Dell keyboard 
Somehow made backwards compatible 
On my newly cleaned Mac. 
Dude - I am getting another Air Book! 
Hauling this big (but beautiful) albatross of a machine is for the birds.

So bread. What could be so bad about bread? 
I had some at a Christmas party, 
and my mouth broke out so bad I could not eat for a week. 
(Although, technically, it did not stop me *per se*)

Even the low carb stuff is a bad rap. Lol. Bad Wrap... well....

My best guess is that when you do without something, like bread, 
Your body loses the enzymes that it needs to make things work. 
That, and really - bread is not intended for human consumption. 

One of my first civilian hospital cases was ITP. 
Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura. 
And the patient's husband was a baker! 
I just know in my heart that while most of us don't have full blown Celiac (etc) ... 
Grains and Breads are such a mess... especially the ones with yeast. And sugars.

All that inflammation.... just adds insult to injuries.  So.

New year. New car. New job. New home. 
And now, new Mac! Talk about wiping the slate clean!
And this Bath and Body Works Soap was half price. 

More to come.... now that I have a Machine .... no looking back!


  1. I have cut back severely on carbs, I eat higher fat, and get carbs mostly from veggies. Well a few months ago I got the crazy idea to bake some bread. Yeast, kneading, rising...the whole shebang. It was very fun and exciting, and when that bread finally started baking, my whole resolve not to eat any flew far far away. (I was baking it for the kids, HA.) I ate three slices. The rest of the story is not pretty. I had a severe pain in my lower side for three days. I felt awful. Absolutely sick. It was super duper yummy, but I cannot tolerate it anymore. And honestly, I'm glad I went and did that crazy thing because now it's easier to stay away from it all.


  2. Same here exactly! No longer an issue of being tempted!

  3. worth investing in a Time Machine (the Apple product, not the product of HG Wells' fantasies)-- several years ago, my MacBook Pro met a cup of coffee, and the result was v sad. a Time Machine has since saved my sanity (and I don't have to go saving everything to the Cloud)...

  4. Ahhh.... yes! I have that but for some reason it didn't back up ... or maybe it's operator error, and I can't find the way to access the Time Machine!



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    1. REALLY?
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    2. I got this EXACT word for word post.... I threw it into the spam file

  6. I have started saving everything on Google Drive, it's all up there in the cloud waiting for me, I can access it from any computer, tablet, or phone, even yours...all I would have to do is sign in to Google. And I could make any of it available to you by having it give me a special link that would let you in. I have a Chromebook and like it for a lot of things, not so hot on image editing and still have old emails in OE on my old XP laptop most of which are invoices from online shopping, I do refer to them sometimes. But for browsing and reading stuff, doing FB, it's very fast and the laptop is small and light. They are improving the OS all the time. i have so many friends who have been herded into Win 10 and they constantly complain about its problems. Downloading upgrades takes hours sometimes, they must redo the whole thing. Here's how a Chrome update goes, A little arrow appears on the lower right, that means it has downloaded an update quietly, the message now is reboot. So you click, it turns off, stays dark for maybe a minute then up comes your screen to sign in on and when you do everything comes back the way you left it, all your tabs are open, just takes a little while to reload all the pages you had open. Can't be any more painless than that.

  7. yeah I ate spaghetti yesterday and wowsa!!!! major major major stomach problems.... when will I (will I ever?) learn?

  8. That is true! I tell myself all kinds of things but then I really know the grains don't like me.... and I don't like them.
    I think it can feel restrictive at times... like giving up something (nearly) sacred... and we can't have that - sometimes!
    It's like Dr Phill says..... "Well... hows that working for ya?".... and we all know the answer... Not so good!


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