23 November 2016

t giving times

Believe In Your Selfie

BBQ at the local Brookshires in Denton

Too soon? Nah 

This lovely mug showed up while I was closing out my apartment -
Moving again... can you believe it?
I can't believe it myself!

I don't drink enough water so I started carrying it around 

Profitable Day Today

The Hospital that started it all nearly 30 years ago
Driving by here with Sherri -
I decided to become a Nurse... and work here...
Which I did... after the war, that is

Students go to school in Barracks like this -
Did you know?

Pie Be Gone

Interesting the names one sees at Costco

This will be the next big thing
No love interest... 
Just a story... that is a fresh take on it

Of course - Xmas is here

Don't forget your teachers and nurses... lol

Cindy likes a Salad from here... so I got one as well...
Chik-Fil-A ... well you know... ok...

Happy ThanksGiving to EveryOne!


  1. I loved "It Starts With Food" by the Hertwigs. Best book about "diet" I've ever ever read!


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