11 November 2016

dinner and a movie

Autumn is finally here.

Getting dressed this morning -
I remembered my Veteran's Day socks!

Love having a CostCo card!
Elaine cooked this brisket overnight for like 14 hours...
THAT is the way to do it!

Mmmmmm .... BulletProof Coffee

Love a Salad

Elaine makes her own Salad Dressing.
Vinegar, Oil, and some spices - 
Until it is just right

This is just right...RibEye Roast

Right and pretty rare!

(and his amazing mono~color shedding coat)

Cauliflower Bread - 
So many different recipes now

This was just riced cauliflower, cheddar cheese (IKR?)
An egg, and spices. 

Every job is easier when the prepping is done

Happy (early) Birthday to Elaine and to me!

SugarFree CheeseCake from Sugarless deLite

Van Gogh - Country Road In Provence By Night
"The Road To A Friend's House
Is Never Long." 
(Danish Proverb)


  1. Great food! And thank you for helping me, I'm now walking 2 miles a day.

    1. YAYAYAYAY! I am so glad!!!!!
      Tha t is way more than I do! Good job!

  2. That food looks sooooo delish! Happy Birthday to all!

    1. It was a great and relaxing night.... despite all the turmoil in the world right now....


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