03 November 2016

are you happy sashimi

Ate with ChopStix today... 
With a little help from a new friend

This is Crab and Avocado with Salmon

This is Elaine --
She is also on LowCarb 
And has done well!

Sashimi - no Rice

OMG I loved the stuff -

Love at first bite.... 
Even the "hot" stuff....

And this is Costco...
Where I bought a membership to help myself
In the cooking and prepping department...

Miss Elaine has a busted leg... 
And I have a busted leg... 
So it is good we got to hang out a bit today!

Good times! "Phantom Pain" and all!


  1. I went ahead and bought a CostCo card...I have been asking to share one for *years*
    And now I can shop and chop and prep for myself... by myself.. anytime!
    Hey - Life really IS good!

  2. I love shopping at Costco. Ours has a great selection of organic fruits and veg. Best blueberries in town!

  3. What a great and fun day with you! I really enjoyed your blog and pictures of us!

    1. It was a real treat of a day - I hope you didn't get too tired on that leg!
      Shoulda got the scooter for you!

  4. I call Costco the Hundred dollar store, cuz Jim always spends so much there! But it's a great place to find low carb stuff at good prices.
    You ate the fishy stuff raw?? Ewwwwwwwww... ha ha. But if you enjoyed it, hey, it's low carb n good for you. :-D
    I hope your leg gets better!!
    You know, about the voting thing... I've discovered one thing on FB. I can have all kinds of friends who are voting different that I am. Yet we are still friends, and treat each other respectfully. But then there are those that become... mean I guess if the best word. Those... no longer friends. I hope you and I are friends forever! You are Good People!

    1. You and I are friends for life through thick and thin (pun intended)! You are good people! And I plan to come up to your area for a long vacation and meet you - and some of my other blogging buddies!
      Yes - the elections bring out the best and the worst of us all... We all know something has to change... but what that is, and how we accomplish it... the devil is in the details - as they say!

    2. Oh, cool! A face-to-face reunion!


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