16 November 2016

happy birff day to me

Kung Fun Panda - 
What we can not accept, we deflect

My new patients had a Tres Leches Cake


Yes- yes-yes 
It was a good birthday.
I worked all weekend.

I had already decided that I am going to work
Like a fiend... like a dog...
Like Seymour in Little Shop...

For like the next 4 years.
No matter who won the election.

So yes! Especially now.
Good to get back to the rhythm of things in life.
AND I am down 10 pounds.
10 pounds of Broken Leg Weight.


  1. Happy Birthday. Love the happy little dog 😊

  2. So how many birthdays have you had this month? Hope they were all happy LOL!
    As for the next 4 years, I was hoping to sleep through it but that's not going so well :/

    1. LOL - I celebrate all month... I have another one on Saturday... if I am lucky!

  3. oh wow how did I miss this!!! Happy Belated Birthday sweetie!!!

  4. Happy B'day Anne!! NYC sends xoxooxooxo

  5. I missed your birthday! :-O I couldn't get to the computer for a few days, so just read this. I hope you had a wonderful day, Anne!


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