02 August 2016

star gazing on the prairie

Cows all the way.

Your Welcome.

A Nurse friend invited me over for Ribs

Happy the Dog. 
That is his name!

Even a bite or two of this

Kayak- ing on Lake Lewisville

Everyone in fishing up here.

You can't tell by this pic,
But there is about a 20 foot drop here.
And no fence or rail.
It is refreshing to not have everything paved 
To death - up here... 


Lake Lewsiville has a dam - 
And has many miles of trails.

The dam was starting to fail at one time,
And the Army Corp of Engineers fixed it.
So no worries.

Lake Lewisville Environmental Learning Area - 
The area under the dam at Lake Lewisville - 
Has Book Clubs, Nature Hikes, Kayak river trips,
and 1870s Log Cabin Re-Creations - 

They also have Night Hikes and 
StarGazing On The Prairie (link)
I have signed up for a few events already!

Now this guy - on the Lake Lewsiville Golf Course
He was just about to hit -
And I honked real close by to wish him luck.
He was a very poor sport about it. 


  1. Let's go on a hike with the stars! It will be a blast!

  2. A patient told e today --
    What do you call a Cow on the ground?
    Ground Beef!


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