07 August 2016

life in hell(o)

Still hot.... Still styling!

Heat Index is almost always way over 105...
Often up near 110 these weeks!

The Home Health Company I work for
Brings lunch 

Looks like flowers... lol

Hospital fun

Avocado dipped in hot sauce

Too boring - 

Had to mix it up!

Solved the leaking water problem...
This melted in the car.... 

Only in Texas - a duck garage sale 

Remote controlled duck decoys

Bag of ducks - get em here!

I scored these coolers
Perfect for summer driving!

Ribs - and not cooking is a plus 
In the heat...


  1. I'll comment for ya!
    xoxoxo ~ Cali

    1. Yeah, Cali -- you are right! Thanks for the insight


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