09 August 2016

back to basics

Viniq (link)

It is Vodka-Infused Wine!
It also has a Shimmer - 
Very "Purple-ish-ush!"

Their pic from the website!
Looks like you are drinking a Lava Lamp....

Very good. Strong. And Sweet. 
Be careful with the Carbs!

When you go to someone's house, 
It's good to bring something.

Never get tired of ribs!

I am sure this could be made LC

It's so hot here, all the buildings turned into images

Back to Basics - every day...

Every. Single. Day...

And socks. Socks every day as well.


  1. I am sure that Viniq is going to be a big hit this holiday season... just saying...

  2. Back to basics is best. Simple and easy. Awesome socks!!!


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