30 April 2016

traffic snafu-s

You can send off for eye glasses to try on on home.
Did you know? Warby Parker. (link)
And NO, I don't work there.

RaceTrac has hot boiled peanuts.
None for me - more for you.

I'll stick with this!

Rain - I happen to like it

What a rough week this one was!
The traffic from Denton to Dallas 
Is like in overdrive.
Well, more like "under drive."
More like "standstill."

Couple of wrecks. 
One Nurse friend sat in traffic 5 hours on the way home.
I was lucky - I only had a 3 hour drive. 

I like to think I can still do all the things I need to get done.
Shopping, cooking, laundry.
Not running out of gas.
And smiling!


  1. You clean up nice, Miss A

  2. That traffic can be tough. Gorgeous sunset :)


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