09 April 2016

protease inhibiting potato protein

Kilroy Was Here

Poppies In Denton In Spring

Finally done with my yearly salads.
Back to mostly meat.

Hot already in North Texas


NOT lol

This clear Protein Has been showing up lately.
It is Isolated Whey (link) but I can't find out much more.

This one from 5 Hour energy with Protien
Uses Whey and Isolated Potato Protein.

I am just using my imagination to understand what and how
A Protease Inhibitor is doing here.

I got my pants hemmed up.
But I guess I needed to go shorter in the legs.

It's like GroundHog Day.
I make the same goofy smile every day.


  1. I work with elementary students in a behavior program. For work well done, I will draw a Kilroy on the page, using any straight line I can find. You know, the little guy peeking over a "wall". Then I add a speech bubble with a phrase of honest praise. I have introduced a whole new generation to the WW11 phenomenon.

  2. Awesome! I was totally amazed to see it here - on the sidewalk in an office complex where I work!

  3. I don't want to drink whatever that stuff is. But I do want to visit Denton!

  4. Love the carb memes in the alley. Good stuff!

  5. My goodness - you have a very pretty blog, my dear! Catches the eye
    Cali xoxoxo


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