02 April 2016

Dr B

Lots of cooking

Lots of Flowers

Maybe some weeds - 

I had these pants hemmed up -
And they are STILL falling off.
I guess that is a good thing!

This came from a Diabetic Site on FB.
They follow Dr Bernstein's Dietary Guidelines
Here's a link, if you are unfamiliar (link)

The pic represents the blood glucose roller coaster
That most people are on - with High Carb Diets.

A very good read.

Some schools of thought say that Low Carb implies High Protein.
Some say it is better with Higher Fat.
I do better with the protein.
Still around 100 grams a day.
Some days higher.
The higher fat comes along with it, for me.

I still add butter to steaks, etc.
And eat a diet of mainly Meats
And healthy Saturated Fats.

Bodies are kind of fickle.
As long as carbs are at a true minimum, 
Either of these approaches work.
Maybe one for a while.
Maybe the other.

Ketosis is going to happen when you are losing weight.
Some people transition better to ketogenic diets -
In maintenance.

Which works best for you?


  1. I also do better with more protein yup. :)

  2. Lower carb paleo works for me. Wheeeee!


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