14 April 2016

it is spring somewhere

Just maybe not here... 
Per Se

The Construction nightmare is all there is on the roads...
For how many years now?
T'was ever thus...

Managing to get a wee bit of spring cleaning done.
Taking out things - that I was in the middle of taking out - 
When I broke my leg last year.

Hit the brakes... and that is all there is to that.

Typical office offerings...
Easy enough to fix!
Throw away the bread and eat the middle.
No worries... no muss .. no fuss.

Ever wonder what the inside of a PICC line looks like?

Aye - it is smiling - and wants you to get well soon!

Sure why not - paint it all blue

Typical skies these days...
Partly cloudy with a chance of ... Denton.

I did not earn this pin.. but it sure is funny!

But I did earn this...
Army Achievement Medal
(First Oak Leaf Cluster)
Which means I have 2 Army Achievement Medals.

And this ODS in SWA
Operation Desert Storm

I was reviewing my blog...
I was looking for a nice picture.
A picture of some steak or ribs or something.
All these meals.. You would think 
There would be thousands of meals.
But no.
That gave me pause.
Maybe I have some work to do?

God - what a day!


  1. You tell me a story and you show me pictures. I love you, Miss A!

  2. Thanks, Miss Kimberly. I pretty much do tell a story. And I show pics.! Love you back!


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