07 June 2015

night at the opera

Before I was injured, Sherri had tickets to see an organ concert

So we went!

It was a great test of my ability to navigate from point A to point B

In organ concerts, they don't well the floor seat -
Just the upper tiers 

We sat in a different part - 
Thinking no one would tell an middle-aged somewhat frumpy woman (me)
On crutches - to move

The Usher said I could take a short cut and slide down the bannister!

Crutches are kinda cool -
Everyone wants to come up and visit you - 

Fancy Dinner at Racetrac- 

Then later in the week - 
When I could safely climb the steps to my apartment,
I went home - 10 days after all this happened!

I only was to be gone for an hour or so.
You just never know!
So always have your dishes done...
And for gosh sake - 
Always wear clean you-know-whats!
Turns out mom was right about that one.

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