27 October 2014

who is carb tripper

Phone got hacked
Took it to the Apple Store... 
X Mas already!

This playground sucks

My one-time fave store

Ant Invasion  
Exterminate - Exterminate!

Shopping and Chopping

Brisket on-the-go

Dinner With Sherri


So yeah - that is about my week!
Crazy business as usual.

Oh - and I bought a winter coat.
I gave mine away (too big)
And got a nice one from the Columbia Outlet Store.

The manager - Hank - is a great guy!
Allen Outlet Stores is HUGE!
I had no idea such wonderful shopping was right there....
Thanks, Hank!


  1. Sherri seems like the perfect foil to your silliness! I gave away my coat too, but not because it was too big, because it was red and made me look like Santa Claus. I hope the universe brings me a new coat....lol

  2. You didn't answer the question ( or is this one of those deals where I gotta work it out for myself? I HATE THAT!)

  3. That mall play area is switched out every couple of years - it's been three different themes since Corbyn came along. I'm anxious to see what they do next! Kinda sad he's too big to play there anymore.

  4. Nice food pics and nice Miss A. pics! Wheeeeeee!


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