21 October 2014

facebook - the cops of the world

Back in the day, people blogged under wonderful names
That required a lot of thought....
Fitcetera was a great name.
Jack Sh!t Getting Fit
Who Ate My Blog
Yumm Yucky

Some of the good blogs were sponsored -
Some were just written by a Fattie ...blogging away the pounds
In a basement somewhere in an anonymous Mid-Western town. 

I have never used any endorsement of any kind.
Any contests or give-aways, I bought the prizes myself.

click de link (link)

I have even won a few awards!
But never with any sponsorship of any kind.

Well now, FaceBook took away my Carb Tripper page!
They have a policy that people can only use real names.

Which is crazy - because many people have real-sounding names.....
But they are not real names. I guess they need to ask for I.D.

So - what now?

I don't know!

I think FaceBook is on it's way out -
Kinda like My Space was.
Kinda like Dancing With the Stars 
Was intended for a younger demographic....
But then, really hit home with the Middle-Aged groups!

Most younger people don't use FaceBook so much.
Twitter is good - and Instagram....

I don't really know enough about to decide.
I like FB because of the accountability!
Or else a dozen Egg Rolls would have been eaten already.
By me.
Or Donuts.

My nearly 2500 Friends!

My dilemma this:
When I go to a person's house to deliver nursing care,
They will probably google me.
(I know I would google someone who comes into my house.)

And if my Weight -Loss Blog
Comes up, they will see 100 videos of me
Prancing around, singing 
"Look At Me, I'm Fatty Dee!" (link)
Or "I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today!" (link)

Or like my former boss would say:
Watch the F-Bombs!
(The Devil Wears Prada for sure)
Because they sometimes do slip out.

And while I am not really Over-The-Top Offensive,
I just can't imagine how many ways this could go wrong.

Or  to have anyone say - 
"My Nurse told me to go against Doctor's Orders
And go on Atkins!"

Times are changing, but they haven't gotten there yet!

So- What to do ....what to do....
Any ideas?
In the mean while....
Thanks for checking on me!


  1. seriously!!!??? What the heck after so long now the Face book cops show up!!! gee pees what malarkey! I use Instagram... I think that's why my blogging posts are so few and far between. Twitter ... meh... BUT it is a lot more popular ... I miss you lady
    boo sad face

  2. Never liked facebook. I only have an account because I occasionally find something I want to read that is only on FB but I've never clicked a 'like' button & never will. I mostly stick to twitter & YouTube as far as internet 'social media' activity goes. I like this blog, follow you on twitter & YouTube but don't think I ever actually saw your FB page. I don't think you've been offensive on the sites I've seen though. Maybe you could create a profile page that reads more like a resume for your potential patients to read if they want more info about you. Has anyone said anything negative about your internet activity? Unless this has already happened I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just my opinion :)

  3. Facebook is on the defensive after the CIA or FBI or DEA,.... whoever.... created a fake profile using a real person's name and photos. I myself have a strong desire to stop facebooking, but only keep it going to easily share photos and chat with family who live overseas.

  4. I thought you blocked me! Lol Can you have a page for your blog. You don't have to have a real name for a "just for fun" page. I have a chicken with a page. My Happy Texans has a page. At least for now. Lol

  5. I use my first and middle name. So fake! Wheeeeeeee!

  6. Come up with a real sounding name that isn't yours :) Grab a phone book, pick a name. LOL

  7. I still use an alias on Facebook.

  8. Again - not that I care... everyone in the Low Carb Cruise knows me!
    I just don't want a new patient to google me and see me blog form saying "dammit"
    And measuring the girls! All the while spouting off anti- ADA AMA theories about the evils of low fat diets! I don't want my employer (again) to tell me what I can blog about and what I can't!

  9. how about a Carb Tripper Page ... same everything but an actual page that doesn't need to have your name associated with it

  10. A carb tripper page would be good. I thought you unfriended me LOL :D


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